Throwback Thursday #63 - Which Buttons Do We Push?

On this episode, Tabari McCoy calls in to talk about his show at the legendary Wiley's Comedy Club (which was last week but I couldn't get this episode up fast enough) and Leslie Battle is in the studio.  Leslie shares some poetry and we settle in for a real conversation. As always, check out some Potter's Field for great heavy metal and some other great tunes from St. Mary, St. Michael, The Paint Splats, and Mr. STONEking. We thank them for the musical contributions to the show. Check out The Devil's Apple, a great new book from William R. Morris. Get out to see some shows at Wiley's Comedy Club. For online piano lessons, check out PianoAJ. Tune in next week for more instructions. To reach The Life, email and like/follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We are part of the SJ Network, be sure to check it out!

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