The Life #185 - A Stultz-Toad Christmas (Gummin’ the Goocher)

Show favorite Scotty Mays is back in as guest cohost along with WWSU's Triple-PKeith Irvin tells us about Wiley's Toy Drive Comedy Show.  As always, check out some Potter's Field and Black Revenant for great heavy metal and some other great tunes from St. Mary, St. Michael, Choke Hazard and Mr. STONEking. We thank them for the musical contributions to the show.  Get out to see some shows at Wiley's Comedy Club.  Give a listen to some of the other great podcasts on Eventide Entertainment podcast network and tune in next week for more instructions.  To reach The Life, email and like/follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hey. All you Christmas card people:
I’m gonna post the address of the women’s shelter here in my town.
My idea (Charlie Hester's) is this...
Send a Christmas/ Holiday card to them with an inspirational or hopeful message written on the card.
And enclose a single dollar bill for the shelter.
Then they can use the dollar for items the shelter needs, and they can hang the thoughtful and encouraging cards in the big long hallway.
That hallway feels a million miles long the first time you walk down it. It’s terrifying. I remember that moment very clearly.
But maybe if we all send cards we can cover the hallway walls with hope for a woman in crisis this season.
Words like “you are valuable, you are loved, you are strong” are all great places to start. Or share your own story of hope.
Let’s randomly brighten up the shelter and show them even when life is hard...
there is always hope. ❤️

YFRC Shelter
201 N Hazel St
Danville, IL 61832

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