The Life #50 - Consulting Vampire Specialists

This past week, filmmakers Joseph Bargdill and Mike Giannott stop by to discuss their film Incruentus, which  premieres this Thursday at the Neon Theatre in Dayton (check out the trailer).  We are also joined by musician and author Mr. STONEking.  (Stick around at the end of the show for a great Mr. STONEking tune.)  We talk about movies, vampires, and theme park accidents.  Don't forget to check out Potter's Field for some great metal.  As always, you can reach the show at and like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Be sure to get out to Redbox and find Six Feet Below Hell and Straight Outta H8!  And before I forget, thank you, Luke Capasso, for the design of The Life's new logo.  If anyone would like a magnet or sticker, send me an email!

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