The Life #47 - Gluten-Free Anger Management Classes

Comedian Archy Wiseman is in the studio for this episode along with filmmaker Evie Warner.  We talk about Archy's old-school hobbies for a bit to work into Evie's upcoming film projects, including 15 Minutes, a PSA about male rape victims (please consider a donation for the Kickstarter to help this important film).  It's an unusual topic for a comedy show, but we can handle it.  Evie, on the other hand, slams her fists on the table and demands gluten-free snacks in true Diva fashion!  There's another Just the Tip from our friends from Craigslist Book Club.  Don't forget to check out Potter's Field for some great metal and you can still get to Redbox and pick up Six Feet Below Hell.  You can reach us at and please follow/like us on Facebook and Twitter.  Thanks for listening!

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